The city that is home to an engineering marvel – the Sukkur Barrage –, Sukkur City is a unique blend of ethnicity, histories, and a serene landscape. Growing and prospering, Sukkur City has significantly expanded economically and socially in the 21st century. Landscaped by the calm and peaceful River Indus, Sukkur City is witnessing a growth in urban populations resettling here, lured by expanding job prospects, and the tranquility of the city.

Introduction To Prime City Sukkur

Prime City is a gated community that is introducing international real estate standards to Sukkur. Pioneering the hosting of such modern amenities in Sukkur, Prime City is a beautifully designed gated community that promises an extraordinary experience. Allowing residents to live without care and revel in the security offered by Prime City, we give our residents the chance to fully release their inner child. Here, we nurture imagination, joy, and potential.

Paying homage to the heart of the Indus, a river which has brought together countries, communities and religions, we at Prime City are envisioning the building of a community that is safe, that harbors your ambitions, and is contemporary.

Our Vision

As a future metropolitan, Sukkur is not new to apartment complexes and boundary wall-enclosed compounds. However, all existing projects follow the same trajectory of real estate businesses common in the vicinity; houses but no homes, neighbourhoods but no neighbours, people but no communities.

Prime City is an idea beyond the realm of these projects. Our vision, bolstered by our uncompromising commitment, is to lay the foundation for a community where residents greet each other like family. We are bringing to Sukkur City a pristine housing society that is secure, sophisticated, and inspiring. A safe haven for women, Prime City is a premium gated community.

Motivating residents to always be at their peak performance, we enable these positive changes through international amenities that bring home not offered luxuries such as high-standard schools, well-equipped hospitals, luscious parks, top-rated restaurants, five-star hotels, and much more.


Elite Tower
Queen’s Residency
Haris Apartment
Lucky Shopping Mall
New City Bungalow’s
and many more